ISAF 2017 | IV. International Symposium on Accounting and Finance

General Information


       Ohrid is a city in the Republic of Macedonia and the seat of Ohrid Municipality. It is the largest city on Lake Ohrid and the eighth-largest city in the country, with over 42,000 inhabitants as of 2002. Ohrid is notable for once having had 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and has been referred to as a "Jerusalem (of the Balkans)".The city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments, and tourism is predominant. It is located southwest of Skopje, west of Resen and Bitola. In 1979 and in 1980 respectively, Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were accepted as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Ohrid is one of only 28 sites that are part of UNESCO's World Heritage that are Cultural as well as Natural sites.


       The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje is the first state University in the Republic of Macedonia, founded in 1949, initially with three faculties. At the moment, the University represents a functional community of 23 faculties, 5 research institutes, 4 public scientific institutions - associate members, 1 associate member - other higher education institution and 7 associate members - other organizations. Its activities are stipulated by the Law on Higher Education and the Statute of the University.

       The St. Cyril and Methodius University develops study programs in all scientific fields – natural sciences and mathematics, technical and technological sciences, medical sciences and health, biotechnical sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. Except for the faculties, the research work, also is carried out in the independent research institutes as an integral part of the University.

       Nowadays, the illustration of UKIM through figures is as follows: over 60.000 enrolled students from Republic of Macedonia in the first and second cycle of studies, as well as over 700 foreign students. The third cycle - doctoral studies are realized within the School of Doctoral Studies, with a total of 655 students. Over 3.100 teaching, research, associate, as well as administrative staff participates in the realization of the teaching and scientific process at the faculties and institutes.

        The University has produced around 150.000 graduated high-professional staff (with obtained Bachelor degree); 10.000 candidates obtained Master’s and Specialist's degree and around 4.000 candidates obtained the doctoral degree in all teaching and scientific fields.

       The overall activities of the University also include sport, artistic, informative, recreational and other activities organized within many associations, clubs etc.


       The Institute of Economics – Skopje was founded by the government of the People’s Republic of Macedonia in 1952, as an independent research institution within the Economic Council of the Government. Based on the decision of the Council of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” from Skopje, the Institute of Economics is an independent academic and research institution as of 1st January 1966. In a short period from 1976 to 1977, the Institute of Economics-Skopje has been integrated with the Faculty of Economics-Skopje and the Faculty of Economics-Prilep, as a Faculty of economic sciences. In the next period, the Institute of Economics-Skopje as a public scientific institution and member of the University "Ss.Cyril and Methodius" -Skopje is engaged in scientific - research and educational activity.

       In accordance with the University’s Statute, from December 2008, the Institute of Economics becomes a unit within the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje.

ABOUT MUFAD (The Association of Accounting and Finance Academicians (AAFA)

       MUFAD (AAFA) was established at the end of 1998 as an association of accounting and finance academicians in Turkey. ‘The Journal of Accounting and Finance’ was published physically between 1999 and 2011. The journal has been published electronically since April 2011 due to change in Editorial Board and Board of Directors in 2011. The Accounting and Finance Journal which is published quarterly, has been scanned by TUBITAK-ULAKBIM (Social Science Database), EBSCOhost (Business Source Complete), ASOS Index, Index Copernicus and since February 2016 it has been scanned by Proquest database.

       The principle of the journal is follow a format appropriate to the conditions required by international indices. MUFAD aims to be the voice of all the academicians who have spread all over the country, gather everybody, and shares their work with each other and to strengthen the relations via organizations.
For MUFAD, it is of utmost importance to embrace all the academicians without distinction, to develop the science of accounting and finance, to educate faculty members and their assistants on the world in complete and timely manner.

       MUFAD performed various panels with universities and trade association since its foundation. MUFAD which has a staff of international experience has represented Turkey on various international organizations. Also MUFAD and Trakya University organized ‘Balkan Countries’ 1st International Conference on Accounting and Auditing’ in 2007 in Edirne. In 2008, with the aid of Marmara and Afyon Kocatepe University, 12th World Congress of Accounting Historians was organized. In 2010, MUFAD and Trakya University organized ‘Balkan Countries’ 2nd International Conference on Accounting and Auditing’ in İstanbul. In addition, the International Accounting and Finance Symposiums listed below are held since 2012.

The 1st International Symposium on Accounting and Finance (ISAF 2012)
        It was held in Gaziantep with the cooperation of MUFAD and Gaziantep University. Simultaneous translation was offered in the main sessions of the symposium, which was held in Şehitkamil Congress Center of Gaziantep between 31 May-2 June 2012 and which is in official language Turkish and English. The symposium was held with the aim of evaluating the action plans for the next ten years in the field of accounting and finance. The symposium includes theoretical and empirical studies on accounting and finance, which are grouped under the main headings of the guiding qualities. The seminar covers a wide range of participation from domestic and foreign universities. As a result of the symposium, a total of 150 papers were received from abroad, and 105 papers were presented in 5 different seats and 26 sessions during the two full days of the Symposium. Moreover, the topics on the agenda of Turkey were discussed on the opening session held on the first day on the main saloon and the panel held on the second day. As the symposium language was determined in Turkish and English, presentations of 16 reports presented in 4 sessions were conducted in English and others in Turkish. The notifications presented in the symposium were included in the symposium proceedings book, which was published as 983 pages, and this statement was sent to the proprietors free of charge.

2nd International Symposium on Accounting and Finance–ISAF 2014)
       It was held in Bursa with the cooperation of MUFAD, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Uludağ University. The symposium has discussed current topics in accounting and finance with wide participation from domestic and foreign universities, public institutions and profession chambers. Within the framework of the main theme of the symposium, which is defined as "New Interactions in Auditing and Financial Reporting", theoretical and empirical studies in accounting and finance have been included under the headings of the Symposium. Simultaneous translation is available in the main sessions. In the symposium, it is announced that the presentation is accepted as full text were published electronically in the symposium book and distributed to participants. 69 papers presented in the main hall and parallel sessions for two days were prepared by academicians from 44 different universities, authors of the Ministry of Finance and private sector institutions.

3rd International Symposium on Accounting and Finance –ISAF 2014 Tokyo
       MUFAD and Tokyo Keizei University were held in Tokyo between 10 and 12 September 2014 in cooperation. Shinji SOMEHA on behalf of the The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (JICPA) as a board member, Ömer SAYILGANOĞLU on behalf of the Public Sector of Turkey Oversight and Accounting Standards Institution (KGK) and Muharrem KARATAS on behalf of the Association of Accountants, Independent Accountants, Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountants (TÜRMOB) was the panelists of the first day’s opening session. On the second day at Tokyo Keizai University, 15 papers were presented at the parallel sessions in different three saloons. On the third day, 9 papers were presented also. Panel speeches and full text papers were taken parted in Symposium Book and the book was reached to paper owners as electronic format.

       Our association started Accounting and Auditing Standard Workshops with the consciousness of responsibility and consciousness of young colleagues. These workshops are mentioned below:

  1. Accounting and Auditing Standard Workshop:
    April 2015 with the cooperation of Yalova University
  2. Accounting and Auditing Standard Workshop:
    September 2015 with the cooperation of Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University
  3. Accounting and Auditing Standard Workshop:
    May 2016 with the cooperation of Dumlupınar University – School of Applied Science
       The aim of the workshop programs is to share the academic work, to bring the theories and the practices together. For this purpose, during the workshops expert coaches held presentations for case analysis and problem solving discuss issues related to accounting and auditing standards within two days.