ISAF 2017 | IV. International Symposium on Accounting and Finance

Social Activities


3 Nights Accommodation Fee:
Double or Triple Room Per Person            : 209 EUR
Single Room                                                 : 249 EUR

Symposium Fee includes:
* Skopje-Ohrid-Skopje transfer (Airport transfer will be done collectively. Skopje panoramic tour will be done after welcome at Airport at 2 July 2017)
* 3 breakfast and 3 dinner at 4* Aqualina Hotel
* Symposium Materials ( Book of Abstracts- USB, Symposium Program, Participation Letter etc.) Coffee Break, Lunch for the 3-4-5 July


2nd of July Sunday- Skopje- Ohrid
Depending on arrival time of guests, Skopje city tour will begin. In this tour; there will be a half day panoramic tour of Skopje where Yahya Kemal Beyatlı was born. Places to visit include the old train station, Skopje-born philanthropist Mother Teresa Memorial and House, stone bridge, the Castle, the Ottoman-era old town, the Market and the most beautiful architecture in the Balkans, the Ottoman heritage located between Mustafa Pasha, Sultan Murad and Gazi Mosques, Daoud İsa Bey Pasha Baths, Kalia, juicy and Leaded Inns. At the end of the tour we head in Ohrid with special tools, transfer and accommodation and dinner in our hotel in Ohrid.

3rd of July Monday- Ohrid
Dinner at Hotel

4th of July Tuesday- Ohrid
Dinner at Hotel

5th of July Wednesday- Ohrid
Transfer to Skopje airport by bus because they will not participate in Balkan tour program in the morning.


Double or Triple Room Per Person            : 249 EUR
Single Room                                                 : 349 EUR

Hotel Information
Podgorica – Hotel Oasis 4*
Trebinje – Hotel Leotar 4*
Sarajevo – Park Hotel Sarajevo 4*
Belgrad – Hotel Heritage 4*

Balkan Tour Fee includes:
By Bus Transportation
* Hotel accommodation for 4 nights based H/B
* City Taxes
* Panoramic city tour
* Custom Taxes

Balkan Tour Fee NOT include
* Museum entrance fees
* Any extra not mentioned
* All personal expens
* Lunch
* Driver and Guide Tips

Tour Program:

5th of July - Wednesday : Ohrid – Tiran – İşkodra- Podgorica
After the lunch at hotel , we ll leave from Ohrid , during the 20rh century who was between the wars and during 40 years lived enver hodjas dictatorship regime , Balkans mountainous country Albanians kapitali of city Tiran. Which is the built in 1614 by Süleyman Pasha and become the capital of city of Albania at 1920.WeEll make a panoramic city tour. During the tour we ll see ; Ethem Bey Mosque, Historical Clock Tower, National Museum. Opera, Parliament Building and Prime Ministry Building,  AND President House.. After Tirane City Tour We ll go Shkoder which is the last stop at Albania. We’ll start our panoramic city tour. After we see, Historical Castle and Historical city walls. We ll go our hotel. Accommodation is at Podgorica.(Today you sooner  get out from Ohrid , the more time you ll benefit)


6th of July - Thursday:  Budva-Kotor-Dubrovnik-Trebinje
Through adorable beaches with spectacular views on adriatic sea. Arrive budva. And we are starting Budva tour.after we see old city and castle; We are going Kotor. At Kotor: Old city , St Tripun and Nikola Churches ve histocial clock tower are the some of the places that we ll see.Afternoon , which is one the three countries who was the main countries of Yugoslavia , We go to Croatia, which is known for its proximity to the Italian-Mediterranean culturally from the Balkan culture, due to the fact that it has embraced the Catholic sect and is dominated by the geography of the Adriatic Coast.And we ll make our city tour at Dubrovnik. We are starting with the Old Town Square, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. After city tour at Dubrovnik. We will make our free time. Accommodation and dinner is at our hotel  Trebinje-BIH)

7th of July - Friday :  Pocitelj-Blagay-Mostar-Sarajevo
After breakfast , we ll start to Mostar. Our wishful guests can join the extra organized Blagay Tour.(10 Euro). The first stop in this country, equipped with Ottoman works from the 15th century on the road, we are going to the Ottoman village Poçitele, which reached to the daily life with the texture of the 16th century. Mostar is a successor after this tour of this authentic country where even the young children walking on the street speak Turkish. It was built in 1557 by architect Hayreddin, one of the students of Mimar Sinan, but destroyed by Croatian artillery fire in 1992, reconstructed in 2004 with great support from Turkey with original materials and era construction technology. The UNESCO World Heritage List Mostar Bridge,Koska Mehmed Pasha Moque, and Old bath. After we are starting to Sarajevo. It became the cultural capital of the Balkans for many centuries after the war, and it was the outbreak of the First World War after the Austro-Hungarian Archbishop Franz Ferdinand, 1914, was killed by the Serbs, and during the 1992 war the Serbs, Croats and Bosnians We are experiencing a great destruction after the destructive wars, but we are still maintaining panoramic city in Sarajevo.Afer city tour , free time. Accommodation is at Sarajevo.Our wishful guests can join the extra organized Bosnian Night Show and Dinner(40 Euro).

        08 of July -  Saturday: Sarajevo-Belgrade.
After breakfast we will be able to attend the War Tunnel and Museum Turin where all the needs of the city are met and the                   entrance and departure times of the city are made.(included entrance fee 10 eur).and we are starting to Belgrade. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, one of the oldest cities in Europe. The old palace decorated with magnificent carved ceilings of the Turkish era. The Thousand Year monument. The place where the Sava River joins the Danube at the point where Fatih Sultan Mehmed is   wounded. Among the supply centers of the Ottoman navy, which belong to Süleyman, are the castle of the Belgard Castle, the Castle Square, the Stone Square, the Military Museum, the mausoleum of Sehit Ali Pasha and the Bayrakli Mosque.
After city tour we ll go our hotel. Accommodation is at Belgrade.Our wishful guests can join the organized boat on tour Danube and Sava rivers.(10 Euro).

09 OF July - SUNDAY: Belgrade-İstanbul
After breakfast , free time for shopping. Transfer to airport. ;

(Note: For today, our guide can perform a city tour in Belgrade, which was held the day before, according to the schedule.)